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Marion Blain Supervision and Counselling



I have been in private practice for 10 years and have a busy practice in Glasgow City Centre.

I qualified and have been a practicing Psychodynamic counsellor since 2011. In 2016 I trained, with the Centre for Self-Leadership, in Internal Family Systems. This is now my main model of therapeutic work.

Both the Psychodynamic approach and Internal Family Systems influence my supervision as does my Person-Centred Supervision Training (2020) with the Jenny Biancardi Consultancy in Newcastle.

Having worked across various sectors: Social Work, Mental Health in the Voluntary Sector (adults and young adults), in University, Law and Housing I am experienced in the impact of various organisational styles and demands.

What do I offer?

What I provide in supervision is a reflective SPACE.

The reflective space is for pausing and noticing, taking time and looking, and within this context offering curiosity. Within a reflective mindset, we will take time, to listen, to sit with silence, be able not to know, avoid blame and fault and enjoy together the good bits. These are the beautiful ‘Ahhh’ moments when we see something that might have been on the edge of awareness which the time and space of supervision allows to emerge.

Central to achieving this is that you feel you are in a place of safety. As a supervisor I journey alongside you. I am a receptacle for your material and the clients’ material, thoughts, and feelings.  Together we are creating a mindset that allows conscious and unconscious material to flow.  Each supervisee-supervisor relationship is unique, and I will draw on a range of ways of working to fit our relationship. 

My own experience of supervision has highlighted the ubiquitous presence of defensive parts, particularly those who may hold shame. These parts are not only valid  but welcomed for us to explore in supervision.  Creating a space is about embracing all this; that ‘all parts are welcome’.

The aim of supervision is always enhancing the experience of and meeting the needs of the client.  Additionally however when you have two individuals, with their own characteristics and life experiences, working together in a supportive connected way which benefits clients, then supervision can truly be a delight.


Therapeutic Qualifications

Certificate in Creative Supervision (2020)
Certificate in Psychoanalytic Observation Studies (2017)
Internal Family Systems Levels 1 & 2 (2016)
Comprehensive Resource Model (Level 1) (2014)
Pink Therapy – Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy (2014)
Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (2011)
BA Applied Social Studies (Social Work) (1986)
Scottish Council on Alcohol Counselling (1985)

Couples Qualifications

Intimacy From The Inside Out (IFIO) (2018)

Academic Qualifications

Diploma in Legal Practice (Strathclyde University) (1996)

Bachelor of Law (Strathclyde University) (1995)

Further training

Assist, Child Protection

My Services

My premises are at 180 West Regent Street, Glasgow G2 4RW.  Monday to Wednesday are possibilities for meeting face2 face - which is my preference. However, Zoom or other online platforms are also possible.

A written contract will be created between us, as we explore together what you want and need from supervision, at our first meeting.

I am bound by the ethics of the National Counselling Society. I am also professionally insured.

I offer a 15-minute telephone call if you would like to have a chat to explore if we are a good fit to work together.

My fees are £55 per hour with a reduced rate of £75 for 90 minutes.

You can also find more details about me on my counselling website.

If there is anything else, you would like to know please do email me and I will clarify.


180 West Regent St, Glasgow G2, UK


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